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 with Smart Content Solutions for Contracts, Employee Files, Marketing Assets, and Archiving

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Search. Find. Control.

Trouble finding the information you really need? Do legacy applications make it difficult ensuring digital files are complete and compliant?

Doculayer - Сognitive Сontent management platform with beautifully designed interface

Not anymore! Now you can count on Doculayer – your smart, daily companion. It tags your documents on the fly, organizes your digital files automatically, and ensures the completeness and compliance of all your business records. With Doculayer taking care of your content, you can devote more time to your strategic goals.

Unleash the full potential of your content

Reveal hidden insights from unstructured data through advanced Machine Learning technologies and get more value from your business content.

Learn more about the Cognitive Capabilities of Doculayer
Unleash the full potential of your content with Named Entity Recognition

Establish compliance across your organization

Transform the way your organization complies with GDPR regulations by enriching content and increasing its quality via Artificial Intelligence. 

Learn more about Named Entity Recognition
Establish compliance across your organization with powerful anonymization and pseudonymization tool

Take your productivity to the next level

Automate manual, labour-intensive tasks such as classification, and metadata discovery to eliminate bottlenecks in your business processes.

Learn how ML can automate manual time-consuming processes
Take your productivity to the next level with Document Clustering

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Let us know what you do and we will show how Doculayer can help you


Some of our Happy Clients

You can be one of them!

“Since implementing Doculayer we’ve experienced huge operational improvements for our HR department. Working with digital employee files enables us to provide faster answers to questions, save a lot of money and physical space, and prevent manual errors. Now we have full control over all the processes surrounding our documents.”

Paul Oomens,
Head of HR Department
at Rivas Health Group
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Why Doculayer?

Best-in-class User Experience 

The clean and intuitive design, that makes you instantly feel comfortable to work with.

Machine Learning at Work

The first content platform, that puts cognitive capabilities in the hands of the business user.

One Platform - Multiple Content Solutions

Single, powerful content management tool that unites data sourced across your organization.

Bulletproof  Advanced Security

End-to-end encryption ensures that your content is secured at the complete lifecycle.

Advanced Metadata Management

Automatically generated metadata via Machine Learning technologies.

Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid

Flexible deployment options that suit your needs and budget the best. 

Open Platform 

Customize platform on your own without coding skills and external help. 

Rapid Adoption

Supporting materials, tutorials, and extensive documentation accelerate the learning curve.

Elastic Scalability

Dynamically scalable platform allows you to grow your business without any technical limitations.

Uncover the Hidden Value of your Business Content

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Doculayer - cognitive content management platform powered by AI and ML technologies