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Find the Real Value
of Your Business Content 

We apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze, enrich, and improve unstructured data

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Make your data work for you

More than 80 %of the information within your organizations is unstructured. Using AI-powered technologies, helps automate the processing and structuring of this vast amount of unstructured data and uncover its hidden value.

Doculayer - Сognitive Сontent management platform with beautifully designed interface

Unleash the full potential of your content

Reveal hidden insights and extract meaning from data through advanced Machine Learning technologies.

Learn more about the Cognitive Capabilities of Doculayer
Unleash the full potential of your content with Named Entity Recognition

Establish compliance across your organization

Process large amounts of information in the correct manner, according to privacy legislation (GDPR) and regulations.

Learn more about Named Entity Recognition
Establish compliance across your organization with powerful anonymization and pseudonymization tool

Accelerate your business processes

Automate manual, labor-intensive tasks such as classification, and metadata discovery to streamline in your business processes.

Learn how ML can automate manual time-consuming processes
Take your productivity to the next level with Document Clustering

Save substantially on costs

Eliminate the need to scale labor to process the explosion of unstructured data.


Customer Success Stories

Get inspired!

"As part of the ‘Stukken Beter’ program , takes care of improving and enriching millions of documents. The automated allocation of metadata ensures the documents are digitally archived and secured in the correct way and in compliance with the Dutch Archives Act."

Carolus van ES,
Manager of the expertise center, archive and functional management at the Justitiële Informatie dienst (Judicial Information Service) at the Ministry of Justice and Security

“We use for the intelligent processing of customer contracts. Using AI, documents are classified based on their contents and assigned with metadata, after which they are structured into files in a fully automated way."

Hans Bakker,
Contract Services Consultant at KPN

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The benefits of

One Platform – Multiple Solutions
The broadest and the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engine for unstructured data.

Seamless Integration
The platform integrates seamlessly with business applications and processes in the current IT landscape

Higher Business Efficiency
We combine human intelligence and machine intelligence to achieve excellent results.

Language Agnostic
Our Machine Learning Engine not only processes multiple languages but also understands your specific business jargon. 

Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud
Flexible deployment options that suit your needs and budget the best.

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Uncover the Hidden Value of your Business Content

Explore Doculayer 
Doculayer - cognitive content management platform powered by AI and ML technologies