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Cognitive Content Management 

The broadest and most complete AI and ML offering for unstructured information

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Doculayer brings together years of experience with the latest innovations and AI technologies to offer you Intelligent Content Management solutions. By applying Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning technologies we redefine the way you manage your digital content.

OCR and Post-OCR

With Doculayer we not only offer fast, easy, and accurate conversion of documents into searchable and editable content but also provide intelligent correction of misread or missing characters with our innovative Post-OCR processing step.

OCR and Post-OCR processing step for content management

Clustering & Classification

By using ML classification and clustering for intelligent labeling of your content, you can extract meaningful insights from your data, identify hidden partners, and reveal associations between data elements – all you need for informed and well-rounded decisions.
Clustering & Data Classification

Named Entity Recognition

We offer you a high-performance data anonymization and pseudonymization tool to help you fulfill data compliance regulations and enhance the privacy of your sensitive data. With advanced ML technologies in your hands, you are fully ready for the GDPR.

Named Entity Recognition for content management

Image Recognition 

We power your enterprise with customizable, scalable, and reliable image and video recognition solution that automatically tags your content without manual input. With AI-powered DAM system, it's a breeze to manage your rich media files.
Image and Video Recognition tool

Data Visualisation 

Data Visualization offers you a new approach to drastically improve your ability to grasp insights hidden in your data. Now you can easily approach huge data and make it more comprehensible and resourceful.
Data Visualisation

Why Doculayer?

Results guaranteed

Unique evolutionary AutoML approach

With an evolutionary approach, it's possible for non-Machine Learning engineers to fine-tune algorithms and achieve the best results.

Interactive learning model supports true ML

The ML algorithms constantly keep improving prediction accuracy by incorporating human feedback into the training process.

The broadest and most complete AI/ML offering

Doculayer is all-in-one platform for managing unstructured data. We arm you with the latest AI technologies to solve your challenges.

Want to know how Doculayer can help you? 

Let us know your content management challenges and we'll show you how we can solve them with ML technologies.