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Doculayer for Legal

Contract Management and Legal Discovery

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As a Legal Officer, you are tasked to do everything that is in your power to keep your organization out of litigations. With legal document management solution provided by Doculayer, you can effectively manage risks, uncover hidden value of your contract portfolio, and automate most time-consuming and tedious tasks.

Stay in control

Store. Search. Retrieve. Maintain the records of different contracts, claims, and compliance documents in one secure location, and easily retrieve the necessary information with the powerful search.

Manage your emails just like documents. Link emails directly to a particular matter or project and share them with your team right alongside other documents.

Share files securely. Provide permission-based access to different departments and allow them to see the contracts they are involved in.
Stay in control of you data with Doculayer

Manage contracts like a Pro

Stay compliant. With advanced anonymization and pseudonymization tool, it's easy to fulfill data compliance regulations and enhance the privacy of your sensitive data.
Streamline approvals. Review and approve contracts faster by involving the right people at the right time.
Version control. Automatically save edits in the document and always stay up-to-date with the latest version.
Manage contracts like a Pro with Doculayer

Increase efficiency with ML

Automate routine. ML can automatically extract important information from a contract — names, organizations, locations, dates and more — meaning that all your contracts, can be auto-tagged with all the key information.
Expand your horizons. ML can derive key intelligence from your contract data to identify critical risks and hidden opportunities.
Keep your files organized. With smart deduplication of your content, it's easy to search through and find documents you need.
Increase efficiency with Doculayer's  ML technologies

Key benefits of using Doculayer

Prevent contractual risks and unlock hidden opportunities

Enable 360-degree view of all your information and get control over your legal data.

Ensure security of confidential and sensitive information

With permission-based access, limit when and who can access your sensitive content.

Stay on top of contracts renewal and expiry dates

Manage your digital, legal documentation efficiently with automatic alerts for renewals, expiries, and customizable retention dates. 

Automate time-consuming tasks

Automatic, intelligent metadata creation and document classification allow you to upload and save digital, legal documents without manual data entry.

Smart Contract Management

In this presentation you'll find a few examples of how AI and ML can enhance traditional activities in contract management:

  • Get control over the entire contract management process
  • Understand the structure of all yourdocuments
  • Identify hidden risks.
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Turn your company's legal data from a burden into a strategic asset.

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