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Doculayer for Sales

Contracts, Deals, and Clients Management

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You and your sales team are the ones who bring money to your organization. That’s why you cannot waste your precious time handling manually tedious administrative tasks. You should spend as much time as possible talking to clients, converting leads to customers, and generating revenue. Doculayer helps you to mitigate administrative burdens and put all your effort into closing deals.

Your single source of truth

Close deals faster. Shorten sale cycles by avoiding unnecessary manual searches for required documents.

Tap into new opportunities. Extract all the necessary information from your knowledgebase with fine-tuned, complex queries.
Integrate your favorite CRM system. Access, share, and manage proposals, contracts, and quotes from within an integrated CRM.
Retrieve all the necessary information in one click with complex queries

Free your time to focus on selling

Streamline approvals. Automate workflows and assign people to review and sign contracts without downloading or printing them.
Enable collaboration. Work seamlessly with finance and legal departments to create proposals and contracts faster. 

Create synergy with your marketing team. Collaborate with your marketing team and always get access to the latest marketing materials, presentations, and reports. 
Automate your business routine

Use ML to enhance sales analytics

Enable smooth content discovery. Named Entity Recognition automatically identifies people, organizations, and dates discussed in contracts, and then groups the relevant content together. 
Enhance visibility. Track in real time when prospects view, download, or share your marketing collateral and determine what would be the next step to move them through your sales pipeline.
Make predictive analysis. Identify behavioral patterns of your current clients with Doculayer's Machine Learning technology to make accurate predictions. 
Use ML to enhance sales analytics

Benefits of using Doculayer

Keep your data at your fingertips

With complex queries and suggestive filters, you can be absolutely confident that you will find the information you need in no time.

Improve cross-team collaboration

With permission-based access and virtual spaces, you can create an open flow of information to other departments and companies.

Streamline sales process to hit the targets

Upload, store, and intelligently organize all your documents in a single platform to better track and trace team workflows and client or partner activities.

Embrace Machine Learning technologies

Use innovative advanced ML technologies to simplify and enhance your document management strategy and reveal hidden insight into your data.

e-book: AI & ML in content management

This e-book will introduce the latest technologies that will help you to sift through and find meaning in vast amounts of unstructured data. Download this e-book to learn how ML and AI can help you to:

  • Uncover the hidden value of unstructured data
  • Automate manual time-consuming processes
  • Eliminate the need to scale labor to process the explosion of information
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Close deals faster with less efforts.

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