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Doculayer for Finance

Accounting and Data Management

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Whether you are an accountant or a financial manager, your actions directly affect the profitability, growth, and goodwill of your organization. From collecting and maintaining financial data to profit planning and managing day-to-day financial operations, a lot of responsibilities fall on your shoulders. With the help of Doculayer you can automate manual processes and streamline business activities.

Arm yourself with the right software

Keep all documents in one place. Get access to all the documents you need with the click of a button.

Make key information easily available for audits. Pull together the complete set of required documents and deliver it digitally without any hassle.

Strengthen the systems you already have in place. Doculayer seamlessly integrates with the tools you need to perform your best at work.
Arm yourself with the right software for financial process management

Automate financial processes

Automate your workflows. Define the process, set the deadline, and engage the right people to kick up the speed and ensure compliance.

Benefit from early payment discount. Set alerts when early payment discounts expire and pay the invoices before the deadline.

Process documents faster. Doculayer automatically captures, indexes, and routes documents to the right people for further processing.
Automate data collection process

Provide high-level safety and compliance

Reduce risk. Create virtual spaces to collect and share information with your team or external parties such as auditors, creditors, and analysts without compromising sensitive information.
Stay compliant effortlessly. Set Doculayer to automatically retain, archive, and dispose information base on specific government and company regulations.

Ensure information security. Control, track, and record who access, shares, and modifies your company's protected files.

Provide high-level safety and compliance

Benefits of Using Doculayer

Automate your workflows

Reduce the time needed to collect data, get invoice approvals, or budget inputs with customizable workflows.

Stay compliant

Correctly retain and delete the information based on the defined storage period to avoid compliance fines.

Secure your financial data

Protect your sensitive information from being stolen and abused with powerful end-to-end encryption and role-based access control.

Become an audit-proof

With advanced search capabilities, you can easily facilitate speedy access to all the documents required for audit purpose.

e-book: AI & ML in content management

This e-book will introduce the latest technologies that will help you to sift through and find meaning in vast amounts of unstructured data. Download this e-book to learn how ML and AI can help you to: 

      • Uncover the hidden value of unstructured data
      • Automate manual time-consuming processes
      • Eliminate the need to scale labor to process the explosion of information
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