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Delivers up to 99% accuracy. Guaranteed.


Unlimited pages at only €1.665 per month

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Powerful AI-driven data capture features included

Affordable OCR with enterprise grade quality and performance

Doculayer Smart OCR applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to translate your documents into machine readable text with the highest accuracy. It perfectly fits in virtually any existing IT-landscape and ensures automated business processes that depend on the quality of captured data to run hassle and error free.

Boosted with our unique document quality detection algorithm, Doculayer Smart OCR comes with a rich and complete set of compelling image preprocessing features to improve your documents’ quality. Other intelligent features include reading and validation of MRZ data from personal identification documents, capturing a wide range of 2D and 3D barcodes and extracting complete tables from your documents.

Doculayer Smart OCR is truly enterprise grade and is designed to get better results from your IDP and RPA investments - support for 100+ languages, high performance and lineair scalability. And out-of-the-box integration options include rich API’s to connect seamlessly with your business applications and connectors for datasources like mail and and file shares.



Process your documents with 99% accuracy

Doculayer Smart OCR processes most document formats with a stunning 99% accuracy. Our unique, intelligent quality detection algorithms combined with comprehensive built-in image preprocessing features to improve document quality, guarantee the best results possible. Always!

Process unlimited pages at only €1.665 a month

Benefit from a true unlimited OCR solution. Unlimited documents and pages and all compelling OCR features included. Worry-free and no questions asked at a incredible low price of only €1.665 per month. Doculayer Smart OCR  fits perfectly in your IT-landscape and is available on premise or  as a service.



Powerful AI-driven data capture features

Doculayer Smart OCR not only automatically detects your documents' quality, it also comes with a rich set of intelligent features that captures barcodes, reads and validates data from personal identification documents and even extracts complete tables from your documents.

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