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Automation of document centric processes  


Protect sensitive data within documents

                                  Automated Document Processing                                                OCR | Classification | Data Extraction | Data Masking

Forget about manual content classification and data entry. offers a configurable pipeline with document processing services like OCR, document type classification, topic classification, data extraction and data masking. puts business users in the driver seat by making training/learning easy via an intuitive user interface for labeling of documents and data. 

With our hybrid data extraction approach machine learning models can be combined with rules, patterns and library scripts to obtain better results with less training data in less time. For protection of sensitive data within documents, data masking can be anonymized or pseudonymized.  

DL_overview_small adds document intelligence to your Content Services Platform, Business Process Management systems, and RPA-solutions. Supercharge your existing IT environment for document processing with machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision technologies. is a flexible and elastic scalable Intelligent Document Processing solution. It's robust microservices based architecture together with containerized deployment ensure performance at growing workloads. Doculayer Document Intelligence can next to deployement in customer's cloud also offered as a fully managed service at our cloud partners. Always available.


Automate your document-centric processes

Scale and optimize your business processes by automation of manual tasks like classification of documents, data verification and data entry. With limited setup effort a high accuracy and a positive ROI within 6 - 10 months can be achieved. 

Protect sensitive data and ensure compliancy

For storing and sharing documents containing personal data according to privacy regulations or company policies, offers data masking. Data like names, locations, social security number are detected and can on your request be anonymized or pseudonymized.



AI-driven Document Processing leverages advanced machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision technologies. Next to offering pre-trained machine learning models (business) users can easily train their own models by using the embedded labelling editor and training dashboard.

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