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The Hague, The Netherlands, November, 1st 2017 – Onior Group B.V. announced the launch of Doculayer, the first Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that puts advanced cognitive capabilities in the hands of the business user. Heavily relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Doculayer raises the bar for the entire ECM industry.

“Most of the solutions, available on the market for more than 10-15 years, lack serious innovations and a modern user experience. Doculayer has them both”, said Richard Smit, Director at Onior Group B.V.. Doculayer is the next-generation ECM that offers a delightful user experience driven by AI technology. “For us, the user experience goes far beyond just a beautiful interface. A great user experience is when the user can easily search and find the right content in no time, even when he doesn’t know where to look, and that happens when AI comes into play.”

The AI technologies that form the heart of Doculayer are Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Image Recognition. These rich cognitive capabilities of the Doculayer Content Management platform make it easier than ever to find what the user needs and exposes the true business value of the content.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and NLP technology make scanned documents searchable and allow for advanced text analytics and further processing. Misrecognized characters and falsely identified words are automatically corrected via the Doculayer Post- OCR service – an innovative solution that matches extracted words with others in the content repository or from a separate dictionary created with Machine Learning.

Image recognition feature automatically tags images with keywords which Doculayer recognizes, based on visual characteristics. This algorithm uses Deep Learning techniques and is trained with a large set of images, providing value and significance to the assets managed with Doculayer.

Doculayer was designed for users who need secure and centralized storage for documents in order to access them instantly whenever and wherever they are needed. AI technology not only mitigates the threat of losing or misplacing content, it also ensures more accurate search results. If the content is there, Doculayer will find it. 

About Onior
Onior is a provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions with a strong focus on usability. Onior is the trusted partner for leading organizations in various fields – from digital courts to in-store promotions and digital assets, from HRM solutions to legal contract discovery.

About Doculayer
Doculayer is a Cognitive Content Management platform that delivers smart content solutions for personnel files, digital assets, contracts and archiving.
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