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Powerful applied AI solutions for automated document processing

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No more tedious and error-prone manual document processing

We are experts in intelligent automated document processing, data extraction and document classification. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies we enable organisations to automatically analyse, enhance and enrich large quantities of data. This provides financial organisations with valuable insights that they can turn into business value.


Automate document processing

Slash your average handling time

With​ ​ manual data extraction and classification is no longer needed. By enabling up to 90% automation we take automated data extraction and classification one step further.

Extract key data from documents

Unlock your valuable business data

In most cases data is trapped in documents. is designed around unstructured content and enables financial organisations to unlock data that was previously hidden.

Comply with GDPR / privacy legislation

Easily comply with privacy legislation

Our intelligent anonymization tool automatically removes personally identifiable information; resulting in anonymized data that cannot be associated with individuals. = real Document Intelligence

OCR | CLASSIFICATION | EXTRACTION | SEARCH | (PSEUDO) ANONYMISATION applies a broad array of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies for processing unstructured documents - including intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning capabilities. is cloud-native and supports the latest infrastructure technologies, ensuring flexible, cost efficient and enterprise-grade scalability. With this technology foundation, is able to process large volumes of documents with unparalleled accuracy, regardless of its complexity and variety.

Leverage the power of AI-technology in financial services

Get in touch with our experts for a live demo, to learn how Doculayer's AI and Machine Learning capabilities for financial services can help you to address your business challenges.


The benefits of

Enjoy a smart interface design
The interface is based on intuitive design providing business users with an easy to work with smart interface design.

Combine AI features
Not only comes with the most complete set of AI features , we also support combining various classification and extraction methods to deliver the best results possible. Always. 

Accelerate your time to value
While other solutions require months of development time to set up, with - using our prepackaged quick-start use cases - you can get up and running in a matter of weeks.

Put an end to OCR-problems
We make intelligent OCR solutions that don’t live up to their promise obsolete. Working with means up to 99% accuracy.

Work with ​cloud-native technology is a​ ​cloud-native technology empowering financial organisations to operate in dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds.

The expert knows best
Involving the knowledge of your professionals in Doculayer's interactive learning workflow, ensures the accuracy and quality that matches the expert.

Leverage the true power of AI
Is your organisation locked into legacy processes that slow down innovation?​ ​Working with enables you to benefit from the most sophisticated AI and Machine Learning Engine for unstructured documents.

Integrate seamlessly​ integrates seamlessly with other business applications and easily blends in with your current IT landscape.

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What offers

From simple to complex documents, Doculayer processes any document type. Working with means:

icon-ocr icon-automate icon-speed icon-roi-euro delivers best-in-class intelligent OCR. High quality and up to 99% accuracy. Guaranteed. Get rid of tedious and error-prone manual tasks. helps automating up to 90% of them. Unlock the valuable business data in your documents, and take faster and better decisions. Get fast results with our prepackaged quick-start use cases and a positive ROI in less than 10 months.


Check out what our customers have to say about us assists businesses of all sizes in financial services and various other industries. With our intelligent solutions for automated document processing, our clients increase productivity and reduce costs.

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“Thanks to the powerful applied AI solution from, our employees can trace down contract data much faster. Knowing the expiration dates of contracts for example enables them to create new business value in the blink of an eye”
Hans Bakker, Process Chain Manager, KPN Business Market
“With the help of’s cutting edge intelligent content platform and machine learning technology, our on the ground analyst team can more effectively review and rectify any inaccuracies with the data, in a way that remains consistent with the CTI templates.”
Scott Foster, Product Specialist Caceis