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MN Vermogensbeheer migrates information exchange platform to cloud

Amsterdam, 20 May 2021 - MN Vermogensbeheer, an organization specialized in pensions and the asset management of various large Dutch pension funds, and AI platform are strengthening their collaboration. The MN information exchange platform developed by has been migrated to the cloud environment. As a result, MN shortens the time needed to maintain it’s IT infrastructure significantly.

The MN Fund platform contains a centralized digital archive for policy documents and reports and a digital contract archive. As a result MN and the participating pension funds always work with the same versions of documents and can easily check them at any time. The platform ran on MN’s local servers and has now been moved to the cloud environment in line with MN's new cloud strategy.

Save time on maintenance
MN opted for the move to the cloud because it wanted to save time on the maintenance of its IT infrastructure. By outsourcing the management of the platform to, MN benefits from faster services and a 24/7 stable information exchange platform that they don't have to keep operational themselves. In addition, new platform features are immediately available from now on.

The cloud migration also ensures that MN no longer has to worry about platform upgrades. In the past, a successful upgrade of the platform often required the expertise of different employees within the company. As a result, updates sometimes took a lot of time. Because MN now uses the platform as a service, MN's IT departments can work even more efficiently.

MN is very satisfied with the migration to the cloud. The transition went smoothly and MN now spends much less time on maintaining the platform locally. In addition, it was essential for MN that the data security could be guaranteed. has become ISO 27001 certified now, which means that MN can be absolutely sure that sensitive customer data are safe in the cloud environment. Therefore MN  has full confidence in a successful continuation of the partnership.

Richard Smit, CTO and co-founder of “We’ve developed this platform for information exchange for MN five years ago and we are very proud of the trust that MN has placed in us with this cloud migration. We hope that this will enable us to contribute actively to improve the efficiency of MN and that it will provide complete peace of mind for MN.”

Adding ML and AI intelligence 
In the future, intelligent technology from based on ML and AI to search, analyze and enrich document flows may be added to the platform. This allows documents on the platform to be found and analyzed even better.

About is a solution for intelligent processing and analysis of document flows, based on AI and machine learning technology. can automatically analyze, improve, enrich and make findable large amounts of data. integrates seamlessly with business applications and processes in the existing IT landscape and can process unstructured information in existing IT systems. The company responds to the explosive growth of information and the actions required to process data correctly, in accordance with privacy legislation (GDPR). For more information, visit

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