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Platform Architecture

State-of- the-art architecture is based on Microservices and Plugins with a strong focus on Security

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Doculayer's state-of-the-art platform is based on Microservices and Plugins that meet your unique needs and requirements regarding security, scalability, stability, and customization. Doculayer exceeds core content management platform capabilities with the strong focus on innovation and AI-powered technologies.

Platform core & add-ons

Doculayer's platform provides a beautifully designed web-based User interface combined with a rich layer of core content management services including Machine Learning. By adding extra components on top of the platform core and using our APIs, you can easily tailor the platform to your specific needs.
Doculayer Platform core & add-ons

Elastic scalability

Doculayer is deployed as a set of containers managed by Kubernetes together with infrastructure and application performance monitoring services. This results in the automatic scaling of several Doculayer components offering good availability and the best performance. To suit your needs and budget, Doculayer is available for running on-premise as a service (SaaS) or as a combination of both options in a hybrid setup.
Doculayer offers State-of- the-art architecture based on Microservices and Plugins

Security focus

To ensure the security of your sensitive data, we offer powerful security capabilities such as role-based control, fine-grained access levels, and end-to-end encryption with strong cryptography. With Doculayer, your content is fully secured while still retrievable by authorized users.


By using Pipelines - our innovative approach to customization - it's easy to create and configure, in a visual way, sophisticated technical workflow processes. You can either utilize Doculayer's standard processor templates or design your own processors to better meet your needs.
Doculayer pipelines - innovative approach to customization


Architecture characteristics

Microservices architecture

Doculayer contains a well-designed set of loosely coupled Microservices dived into entry-level, front-facing, rear-facing, and support services. 

Machine Learning at the core

Doculayer was set up from the ground incorporating Machine Learning components with a standard library of classifiers for direct use. 

Powerful Security

Doculayer was designed with a strong security focus offering the rich set of security features. The most sensitive data is end-to-end encrypted and unreadable by default.


Autoscaling Doculayer containers to guarantee availability and performance of the entire platform.

Simple Customization

With Doculayer Pipelines  you can easily create and configure additional classifiers for technical workflows.


Integrate systems from your own environment easier and faster with Doculayer's extensive RESTful API.

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