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Get in touch helps accounting teams to work with greater control and accuracy. standardizes incoming unstructured data, extracts key information, and makes it accessible for further analysis. With, your teams are well-armed for any internal or external audits, and your sensitive data is fully GDPR compliant.

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Keep your data at your fingertips

Keep your data at your fingertips

Keep all your income statements and financial documents in a centralized location to produce accurate reports and close accounting periods faster.

Be always prepared for an audit

Be always prepared for an audit

Find and collect the right information for an audit and reduce the risk of missing important files. It takes only to enter a single search query and obtain the results from across various systems and repositories.

Automate document-driven processes intelligently

Automate document-driven processes intelligently

Process critical accounting documents with greater accuracy and speed by extracting insight from them automatically.

Increase data quality 

Increase data quality

By delegating mediocre time-consuming administrative tasks to, your accounting team has time to perform quality control of the data that lands in your system.

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Key benefits of

Cost reduction

Break data silos, automate data entry, and reduce human errors.

Increased efficiency

Automate manual time-consuming administrative tasks.

Regulatory compliance

Store your data reliably on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid.

Improved accuracy

Automate data-entry and allow your team to perform quality control.

Risk reduction

Reduce risk of lost, misplaced or damaged documents.

Operational excellence 

Stay ahead of the competition by  embracing a sustainable way of growth.