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Automated document-driven processes reduce risk and boost efficiency.

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Given the importance of document-driven processes in the insurance industry, it is critical to manage them effectively. With intelligent document processing, insurance companies can significantly improve digital customer experience, reach operational excellence, and meet the need for regulatory compliance. enables your teams to work with unstructured data in a more cost-efficient way and unearth its value for better business decisions.

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Centralized compliant document storage

Centralized compliant document storage

Centralized digital storage for insurance-related documents makes them easily accessible for claims investigations, legal and regulatory purposes, and customer relationship management.

Automate data entry job

Automate data entry job

Accelerate the processing of high volume of unstructured documents, classify them, and extract key information automatically to reduce time and manual input.

Fully-searchable digital documents

Fully-searchable digital documents

Create fully-searchable files and make your information always accessible. If the scanned documents (e.g., claims, contracts) are distorted, we apply our unique intelligent solution to enhance its quality and correct the misinterpreted characters.

Unified search across systems

Unified search across systems

No matter where documents are stored, with, you can always find them back. smoothly integrates with your current applications and allows searching for documents across multiple systems and repositories.

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Key benefits of

Cost reduction

Break data silos, automate data entry, and reduce human errors.

Increased efficiency

Automate manual time-consuming administrative tasks.

Regulatory compliance

Store data in the correct manner to comply with privacy laws such as GDPR.

Quality control

Improve quality of collected data by using artificial and human intelligence.

Risk reduction

Reduce risk of missed or misplaced document and incomplete files.

Operational excellence

Keep ahead of the competition by embracing a sustainable way of growth.