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Workflow Automation 

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Imagine that you have an assistant that does all the boring work for you: sorts out the documents and distributes them to the right people for their approvals, signatures, or comments. And all of this is done with no mistakes, no delays, and without a single reminder from your side. How much easier and more enjoyable would your own work be? Sounds like a dream? With Doculayer Workflow automation we make it a reality!

HR file management automation

Employee file management can be a real nightmare, but with workflow automation we make it simple, smooth, and efficient.

  • Request and capture employee files in the predefined folders.
  • Get alerts when all the required documents are submitted.
  • Facilitate effective automated retention of HR records according to regulations.
Facilitate effective automated retention of HR records according to regulations with Doculayer platform

Creative workflow automation

The creative process can be messy and stressful with unlimited edit requests and revisions. Workflow automation brings more order and structure to your work and streamlines the process.

  • Streamline approvals and reviews of the designs and marketing collaterals.
  • Define content production steps, rout tasks, and keep on track with your deadlines.
  • Get automated email notifications for image copyright license expiration and take further actions in time.
Creative workflow automation with Doculayer

Administrative task automation

Putting together sales contracts, proof of concepts, and reports are crucial to keep work moving forward, but they consume a lot of time. Workflow automation helps your sales team to get all the administrative work done in less time.  

  • Automate the creation of purchase orders, invoices, and contracts.
  • Route agreements to the right people for review, approval, and comments.
  • Get instant updates on the latest marketing collaterals.
Automated content classification through Named Entity extraction

Legal process automation

Do you have the same set of tasks and events every time you start a new case? If yes, then you can easily automate your workflow and accelerate legal operations.
  • Create type-based workflows to keep your cases consistent.
  • Inform your client of progress.
  • Delegate tasks to the right team member at the right time.
Find out more what Doculayer can do for Legal.
Automating your legal processes by involving the rich people at the right time

Data collection automation

Financial institutions like banks, insurance firms, and investment services depend a lot on document-driven processes. Workflow automation allows you to effortlessly collect and process data, and drastically cut the time needed to manage cumbersome financial processes.

  • Capture documents from multiple sources in one centralized secure location.
  • Streamline data collection with automated reminders and notifications.
  • Classify and extract relevant data automatically with ML.
Find out more what Duculayer can do for Finance
Create spaces to streamline data collection process

Doculayer Workflow Automation

Reach your full potential at work

Role-based access control

Ensure the security of your data by granting only the amount of access that users need to complete their tasks.

Instant notifications & Reminder alerts

Keep your workflow moving forward with automatic email notifications and reminders to all the users involved in the process.

Clear overview of work in progress

Track the progress with real-time reports and get an immediate understanding of where the things stand.

Visual configuration of workflows

Create even the most sophisticated workflows in a no-code intuitive drag-and-drop graphical designer.

Prebuild workflow templates

Use easy-to-implement and simple-to-customize workflow templates to boost your productivity in just one click.

Conditional workflow routing

Define workflow steps to appear conditionally based on predefined criteria such as document type or contract amount.

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